The London Cannabis Film Festival aims to show how far UK has Progressed

During a time when access to medical cannabis is being talked about seemingly everywhere, it's apt timing that the inaugural London Cannabis Film Festival has recently been announced.

The London Cannabis Film Festival provides an international platform for filmmakers and creatives to discuss all matters relating to cannabis.

What can you expect from The London Cannabis Film Festival?

The festival will be showcasing original documentaries to inspire, travelogues that stir up the wanderlust, as well as the hottest international releases – The film festival aims to be a celebration of the plant, its myriad of uses and the people and communities it inspires and nurtures.

Mark George, co-creator of the London Cannabis Film Festival comments:

"It's an essential cultural happening for anyone with an interest in cannabis. Set against a backdrop of art, music, workshops, you can expect discussions with world leaders in the areas of medicine, business and advocacy."

Alongside a line up of premieres, award winning features and cult classics there will also be a curated line up of events including an Audience With… profiling a world leader in the cannabis community.

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